Green Services

It is scientifically proven that the presence of a green space, a garden, is beneficial to humans. It offers tranquility and relaxation and brings us closer to nature, providing balance, maximizing all the senses with shadows, sounds and aromas. Unfortunately, residential needs and the lack of legislation in recent years have led to a drastic reduction of green areas.

The maintenance of existing and new green spaces, is a task that requires delicate handling and care, and we in One Services know how to handle them. Our qualified technical staff will take over, all maintenance projects including: mowing, pruning, automatic watering, fertilization, spraying, planting grass, seasonal protection of your plants, lighting. Moreover, the Environmental and Green Management Department of One Services, consists of Landscape Architects with expertise, who suggest construction and solutions projects, landscaping, upgrading and garden decoration. Projects that are elegant creations, ensuring a steady flow in the transition from inside to outside, without excesses.

Living, growing up and operating both in the countryside and in cities, all of us in One Services, know how important green spaces inside an urban environment are. Having a high ecological consciousness, every green service we provide is a real pleasure for us.

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