Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is a necessary process. Household, usually, is done once a year, at the end of the winter season. But in workplaces, things are a little more complex, due to increased and everyday use, from many different people. There are businesses that keep carpets throughout the year, while some carpets are real artworks!

Cleaning a carpet, is not only a surface dirt and spot stains removal thing. On carpets and rugs of professional facilities, are growing micro-organisms such as mites, in larger amounts than in a house, which can cause serious respiratory problems. Therefore, it is recommended a regular in situ cleaning, which helps, among others, the quality and color maintenance of your carpet.

We in One Services, have the expertise and technological equipment that can meet the most demanding situations. Each carpet has its own specification, based on fabrication, weave and colors. Without using harmful chemicals which may destroy the carpet, harm the environment and human health, we can do your dirty carpet look like the first day you used it and with proper maintenance to keep its glow and warmth that conveys in your workplace.

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