Marble surfaces’ natural polishing

The marble, beautiful but also very sensitive, has always been the natural stone with the greatest market demand for decorating a place. While its use is timeless in houses, in businesses in recent years isn’t so common anymore, due to notably high costs, of purchase and installation. But in any case, it’s an indication of luxury and prestige in a workplace and we all know how important this is. But the daily normal use, erodes marble and it can easily become scratched and dull, losing luster and its smooth, refined and gentle feel. Regular polishing of marble surfaces, is necessary to restore and maintain the appearance of marble.

Marble as a natural stone must “breathe”. Many times, the old polishing techniques have the opposite effect, because they were blocking the porosity of the marble. We apply methods with no use of harmful chemicals and polishing acids, which besides the marble and the environment, more often are harmful for humans. We use strictly natural, ecological cleaning and polishing methods, using special friction diamond plates! With our sophisticated machineries, quietly without creating dust, we deliver non-slippery surface clean and protected, which with the regular maintenance that we recommend, always remains bright.

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