Regular Cleaning – Maintenance

One of the most important factors of performance and productivity in the workplace is the cleanliness. And this cannot be questioned. Is also playing important role in the first impression formed by our potential partners, and employees when they come to our company. Beyond this, however, there is the important factor of health and safety at work.

Maintaining your site, daily in cleanliness levels that every modern workplace should have, eliminating unpleasant odors, garbage, dirt and obstacles that may downgrade your work environment, is One Services’ “Big Thing”! Either the case, is a small company or large business premises, shopping centers, complexes, offices, banks, schools, shops, health facilities, even industrial sites, factories, warehouses, we have and we’ll offer you Integrated Cleaning Solutions.

Initial Cleaning

The initial cleaning is perhaps the most demanding cleaning service, intended for cleaning following construction works, repairs and renovations. In these cases, besides the specific stain and dirt removal caused by building materials, we usually have to deal with surfaces and items that have never been used and are brand new.

We in One Services, as in every service we provide, moreover, have the expertise, the professional equipment and the sensitivity to treat your facility with care, as if it was our own property. The result of course is guaranteed. Nobody will see that construction works were taking place, but with great confidence we say, that everybody will understand that the place has been cleaned by One Services!

Marble surfaces’ natural polishing

The marble, beautiful but also very sensitive, has always been the natural stone with the greatest market demand for decorating a place. While its use is timeless in houses, in businesses in recent years isn’t so common anymore, due to notably high costs, of purchase and installation. But in any case, it’s an indication of luxury and prestige in a workplace and we all know how important this is. But the daily normal use, erodes marble and it can easily become scratched and dull, losing luster and its smooth, refined and gentle feel. Regular polishing of marble surfaces, is necessary to restore and maintain the appearance of marble.

Marble as a natural stone must “breathe”. Many times, the old polishing techniques have the opposite effect, because they were blocking the porosity of the marble. We apply methods with no use of harmful chemicals and polishing acids, which besides the marble and the environment, more often are harmful for humans. We use strictly natural, ecological cleaning and polishing methods, using special friction diamond plates! With our sophisticated machineries, quietly without creating dust, we deliver non-slippery surface clean and protected, which with the regular maintenance that we recommend, always remains bright.

Disinfections – Rodent and Pest Control

Undoubtedly, the presence of insects and rodents in any place, is apart from a potential infectious source and a deterioration cause. In the workplace at the same time, this may lead to a lack of concentration and reduced efficiency. One Services has scientific staff, which uses modern methods to prevent and troubleshoot problems from insects and rodents, certified by H.A.C.C.P. Standards, protecting the users, pets and species that are not meant to be targeted.

Our goal is the use of eco-friendly products as possible. That’s why we work with renowned agronomists and chemists. Depending on the case, we use equipment and latest technology products approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. By the end of the application, we provide you with a certificate in accordance with the Greek Health Provision 181094 / 09.03.10, indicating the products that were used and their antidotes, and if you wish, we plan a regular application depending on the season, the weather conditions and the type of under protection facilities. In certain periods, we undertake preventive reptiles’ repellent applications.

General Cleaning

There are cases where the need of cleaning a workplace cannot be covered by regular maintenance. Celebrations, conferences, internal workspace reallocations, before or after a moving, are some of these cases. Common element of all these, is the large volume of cleaning work in less time and more often, a few hours before of each event’s beginning.

After careful review of the premises, with our experience, we evaluate, prioritize your needs and guarantee the delivery of your work place integral and clean, ready to host any kind of event – activity. Simultaneously, if you wish, we undertake the cleaning maintenance of the premises during an event.

Glass – External Surfaces Cleaning

The first point of contact of your company with partners and customers, is your external building view. Additionally, internally, the unimpeded view to the outside world, is usually a great pleasure for users and a mirror of cleanliness of your workplace. Apart from aesthetic issue is a matter of workers’ hygiene, while regular maintenance, protects against environmental factors, for longer.

We have a full range of necessary equipment of top worldwide manufacturers. Among them: surface cleaners, such as glass, windows, tiles or mirrors, crane vehicles, lifting platforms, high pressure cleaners, steam cleaners. All these combined with high quality cleaning materials specific for each case, allows us undertake:

  • Glass Cleaning inside – out
  • Advertising and Illuminated Board and Sign Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Buildings’ facades constructed by any material e.g. marble, Etalbond, Glass panels
  • Graffiti, posters, spots, gas emissions depositions removal

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is a necessary process. Household, usually, is done once a year, at the end of the winter season. But in workplaces, things are a little more complex, due to increased and everyday use, from many different people. There are businesses that keep carpets throughout the year, while some carpets are real artworks!

Cleaning a carpet, is not only a surface dirt and spot stains removal thing. On carpets and rugs of professional facilities, are growing micro-organisms such as mites, in larger amounts than in a house, which can cause serious respiratory problems. Therefore, it is recommended a regular in situ cleaning, which helps, among others, the quality and color maintenance of your carpet.

We in One Services, have the expertise and technological equipment that can meet the most demanding situations. Each carpet has its own specification, based on fabrication, weave and colors. Without using harmful chemicals which may destroy the carpet, harm the environment and human health, we can do your dirty carpet look like the first day you used it and with proper maintenance to keep its glow and warmth that conveys in your workplace.

Green Services

It is scientifically proven that the presence of a green space, a garden, is beneficial to humans. It offers tranquility and relaxation and brings us closer to nature, providing balance, maximizing all the senses with shadows, sounds and aromas. Unfortunately, residential needs and the lack of legislation in recent years have led to a drastic reduction of green areas.

The maintenance of existing and new green spaces, is a task that requires delicate handling and care, and we in One Services know how to handle them. Our qualified technical staff will take over, all maintenance projects including: mowing, pruning, automatic watering, fertilization, spraying, planting grass, seasonal protection of your plants, lighting. Moreover, the Environmental and Green Management Department of One Services, consists of Landscape Architects with expertise, who suggest construction and solutions projects, landscaping, upgrading and garden decoration. Projects that are elegant creations, ensuring a steady flow in the transition from inside to outside, without excesses.

Living, growing up and operating both in the countryside and in cities, all of us in One Services, know how important green spaces inside an urban environment are. Having a high ecological consciousness, every green service we provide is a real pleasure for us.