taktikos katharismos ktirion

Regular Cleaning – Maintenance

…by day, week or month. Save time for things that really matter to you

genikos katharismos

General Cleaning

The proper solution for celebrations, conferences, workplace relocations.

Initial Cleaning

…following construction works, repairs and renovations, fastly and effectively.


Glass – External Surfaces Cleaning

Expertise and special equipment at your Glass Cleaning & Protection services.

marmarines epifaneies

Marble surfaces’ natural polishing

Regular polishing of marble surfaces, is necessary to restore and maintain the appearance of marble.

cleaning carpets

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is a necessary process.


Disinfections – Rodent and Pest Control

One Services has scientific staff, which uses modern methods to prevent and troubleshoot problems from insects and rodents, certified by H.A.C.C.P. Standards.

ypiresies prasinou

Green Services

Having a high ecological consciousness, every green service we provide is a real pleasure for us.