Our vision

Cleaning Experience

One Services is going to change the way you perceive cleanliness. We create safe, secure and healthy conditions in the work place. Our aim is to continuously develop and offer high standard cleaning solutions, so that every collaboration with a customer becomes Experience!

Simple is better!

Honesty and integrity underpins ourselves and the relationships with all our customers. From our offers until our pricings we like to keep things straightforward, simple and clean as in our services. The confidence and safety you will feel is our success.

Time Travel

We look in the future… We constantly looking for and test new technologies, so we can be up to date and implement the most suitable techniques into our services.

However, we do not just stay there. Our target is, to acquire the knowledge of innovative technologies, in understanding the needs of the future, developing that way the procedures of One Services, so we can then smoothly apply those for the benefit of our customers! Everything we do is about our customers! Besides, in a so dynamic and evolving market no one should stay stagnant.

Reciprocal Relationship

Our goal, is the effective and efficient management of your needs through our certified services. Our mission is the improvement and productiveness of your own business.
Expertise, immediacy, efficacy and reliability are notions that characterize us. We built towards a relationship of trust and look forward to it, so we’ll always be… Your First Choice!