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Experiences that we offer

Integrated Cleaning Solutions

In One Services we’re working every day with passion and love to offer you high quality services. We continually evolve and upgrade our services so you can enjoy a Cleaning Experience

Blank General Cleaning The proper solution for celebrations, conferences, workspace reallocations. Glass - External Surfaces Cleaning Expretise and special equipment at your Glass Cleaning & Protection services. Consumables - eshop Get rid of consumables supply concern. Professional quality products and cleaning tools. Regular Cleaning - Maintenance day, week or month. Save time for things that really matters to you. Initial Cleaning ......following construction works, repairs and renovations, fastly and effectively. Special Services Marble surfaces’ natural polishing, Carpet Cleaning, Disinfections - Rodent and Pest Control , Green Services.

Your First Choice

In a few words

We, in One Services, from day one, keep our values non-negotiable. We offer high quality services and as a purely Greek company, we are fully aware of the prevailing circumstances in our country, in response to the specific requirements of nowdays.

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Our Vision – Our Philosophy

“Listen – See – Act”, that’s our philosophy. With this in mind sincere interest and understanding, we treat each of you in a unique way

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Our Values

Love- Respect- Equality- Sustainability

We love what we do

The truth is that we do not just like our job. We LOVE our job! The first value with which we try to inspire each new member of One Services, is the love for what we do. Together we create the proper conditions to improve our services, mutual respect, morality and confidence. Our partners with years of experience, have the expertise to treat each case responsibly. We consider your property, to be our property and we owe to preserve its integrity.

No to racism

We all, who work and serve the purposes of One Services are colleagues, against any discrimination related to ethnicity, gender, religion and color. Above all, we are humans. Our partnerships are based on respect and dignity and treating everyone as equal. We give incentives for improvement and we reward the responsible work. We are completely opposed in any job offer to children and teenagers. It is our duty to allow them to live their childhood, away from the work fields. Rather than that we offer job to the older one’s. We invest in their experience, targeting a mutual profit.

Environmental awareness

Since our first day, in One Services, we realized that environmental protection is a matter of high importance and the sustainable development our debt. Our Environmental and Ecological Policy, is framing our practices and methods, that have as main objective, the least energy consumption, optimal use of natural resources and ecosystems’ protection. We apply the 3R policy, Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

That means, that we try to reduce the use and disposal volume, reuse every resource as much as possible and recycle everything that reaches EOL (End Of Life). We participate in environmental management seminars and conferences and we’re in close cooperation with Environmental Engineers, who inform us about legislation and innovative practices. We use environmentally friendly materials and if our customers desire it, we can offer exclusive ecological services.

Car fleet traffic optimization and an even further reduction of our carbon footprint, are between our immediate goals.

Continuous education

One Services, is a constantly evolving organization, with steadfast goal of providing high quality services. This culture, which underpins our company, combined with the range of our activities, has as a result, our staff requirements to change and update constantly. Additionally, technology’s changing, equipment and materials are improving towards reduction and protection. The corollary of this continuous change, is the need for continuous staff training.

Humans and environment strongly need the unhooking from techniques of the past. We try to think “outside the box” and pass this attitude to all One Services’ members. We organize intercompany seminars and live equipment demonstrations at regular intervals. Thus, we ensure the professional competence of our staff, the appropriate training, for gaining experience and skills development, in order to avoid anything that could lead to deviations from the desired level of our services process.


The Quality and Environmental Management, Health and Safety in Work System, in One Services, is structured in accordance with the general requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and contains the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2008 standards.

We’re daily taking care of development, proper implementation and effectiveness assurance of the system, in order to achieve continuous improvement and efficiency of our processes, so we can meet the needs and expectations of our customers, pollution prevention, promoting health and safety of our employees.

So, you can be sure that everything we say, isn’t just theory. We follow the procedures, we win together!


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